Welcome to Community Co-ops

Our cooperative has been in business since 1907 and was founded by the need to provide quality products and services to area customers. Among these products and services offered are:

  • Heating & AC Installation and Service.
  • Fuel service for home heating and farm.
  • Propane service for residential, commercial and agriculture.
  • Bulk lube oil order and delivery.
  • Five convenient locations with convenience stores.
  • Automotive shop in Lake Park and Flom.
  • On site tire truck service.

Community Co-ops has been successful by providing its services with professional employees with respect to our customers.

As a Co-op, our customers have the opportunity to receive cash back on patronage with our company. To date, we have paid out over 8 million dollars in patronage.

Community Co-ops is your Co-op in your Community!

COMMUNITY CO-OP  ::  14583 Highway 10 West  ::  Lake Park, MN 56554
Main Office: 218-238-5911  ::  Fax 218-238-5435  ::  Toll Free 1-800-992-6671